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Hi Friends.
As of July 1 '18, there are some new tech difficulties with the Tickler publishing apps.
Hopefully this will be fixed before the end of Friday, July 6.
Stay tuned!
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You Be You & I'll Be Me

Recently I read a Facebook post by a Spiritual Teacher, saying wise stuff about consciousness and common sense and how we are obviously a Self and that clearly awakening is about yada yada yada. … read more

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Playing Dead

For about 2 weeks last month it looked like I possibly had cancer.
Turns out I don’t, so NO WORRIES.  
Perhaps this will sound strange but in those couple of weeks, I was
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The Thought Maze

What’s for dinner? My arm’s asleep. You’re doing that wrong. I shouldn’t have said that. Are those carrots? I’m wasting my life. They don’t like me. Oh what a pretty flower! I need to do something. I don’t get it. I want to get it. I’ll never get it. There’s not enough money. I’m bad. My shoelace is untied. I’m alone unloved and abandoned. I don’t like this. I do like this. Like, like, like. Don’t like, don’t like, don’t like. I’ll never be good enough. I’m too old. Where’s the cat?
Thought. It’s what’s for dinner. Always something to chew on
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Location, Location, Location

Where’s you? The real, true you, whatever that is?

For most of us, the immediate, obvious answer is, “Duh, I’m right here!”

And if asked what knows that
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Does This 'Like'
Make Me Look Bad?

“Today on Facebook I saw how great my friends are doing- all their beautiful, clever, and authentically touching posts, and I felt so peaceful and happy.” 
Said no one ever.
No one goes on social media and feels better. In fact,
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Eradicating The Self

Ah people living everyday life. So complicated, so messy, so boring, agitating and full of this-isn’t-rights, All that unwanted craziness, lust, addiction, fear, and trying to get others to play nice.
So much wrong. I mean……
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See ya later, ego

This being a person thing …
It’s kind of a pain in the *ss.
I mean, sure Judy’s cute and all.
But she’s also prone to inconvenient thoughts and feelings, bodily functions that …read more…

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Unlovable You

People think they are unlovable. 
Not in the sense of thinking about it all the time or constantly crying Woe Is Me, but…
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A little tale of blah blah blah

Once upon a time we were tiny babies.
And we were smiling little things.
Happy little experiencers
Kinda like puppies.
Diaper full? cry. Belly full? smile. Fingers wiggling? coo.
No evaluation. No analysis. No judgment.
Just life-ing.
And then language got ahold of us….
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Feelings, woe woe woe feelings

Feeeelings, nothing more than feeeelings. 🎶
Gosh feelings seem important don’t they?
So demanding of attention.
I mean, it’s not like we can ignore when we’re hurting, can we.
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Got Free Will?

People want to know if they have free will.
I mean, people reeeeeaaalllly want. to. know.
For millennia people have been asking, “Do I control my….
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But what does this mean?

My sweet little cat Teeny climbs onto my lap wanting some petting.
She bumps her head into my writing hand. She puts out her paw to bring my hand back when it has the nerve to move away.
She wants love. She wants…
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Do NOT have fun with this

It’s all so stinkin' serious…this enlightenment business.
Isn’t it?
It’s important, earnest, deep, necessary.

It matters.
This spiritual awakening stuff is vewy vewy serious…
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Let’s talk about sex, bay-bee.


No no no that can’t be right.

We don’t talk a whole lot about sex in
spiritual circles.
We’re all about the light, the upward, the transcendence.
If sex is discussed at all, it’s
. read more…

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Things aren't going so great

Ever notice how much unhappiness comes from circumstances and situations that are not to our liking?

Witness how unhappy we get in the face of sullen…
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Enlightenment #1

You want enlightenment, dammit.
You’ve read the books, heard the stories, seen the ones who seem to have something you don’t have.
They have it. They got there. They tell their story and how they did it and how you can maybe too if only you do xyz.
But you? Not so much…
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Feeling Bad

I woke up this morning feeling bad.
As in sad, anxious, foreboding dread. 
Hello old friends.
There used to be a time that I woke every morning with that …
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What does Self have to do with my Suffering?

It's miserable to be depressed or anxious, isn't it?

When we're in the middle of an emotional storm, we can't ignore that intensity. It demands attention and we want quick solutions.

“This feels awful. Make it stop! NOW!”
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But I dont wannnnna

Lately I’ve been working with a lot of people who struggle to get motivated.
I mean, there’s a whole lot of stuff not getting done out there.

People stall on taxes, drag out launching the new business, don't write that book.
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Don't ever die

Last summer I put my treasured kitty Muffin to sleep.

Such sadness. Such loss.  

The vet put Muffin on my shoulder and I rocked her as she purred and the vet administered the fatal shot.

Muffin kept purring. Then the purring…
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I LIKE this!

Think about all the things that happen in a day that you don’t like.

We’ll wait a moment; this will take a while.

I like chocolate. I don’t like this song. Fear- don’t like it. Money- like it! I don’t…
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The money terror

A whole lot of people are scared to death about money.
Not having any. Not having enough. Running out of what’s here now and living out of a shopping cart under a bridge.
Of course you realize that if
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What's this SEEM like?

I used to think I was a bad person.
Like, Incredible Hulk bad.
seemed like it was true.
I tried to prove it by pointing to a direct, take-no-prisoners style and inability to suffer fools...
(Something those of you who work with me…
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Seeking better

Today’s Mind-Tickler is brought to you by the words “Better” and
“How Long?”

The other day a lovely 84 year old woman told me, "I'll never accept what my body looks like now. Never!"
In your own life perhaps there are also situations and feelings that..
Are. Not. Acceptabl
eread more

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Chasing the unicorn

Oh dear.
See that meme above?
Such an unfair unreasonable illogical crock of...
carrot... it is.
Look at …
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What’s wrong with you?

Make a list.
Go for it, hold nothing back, no one will see this list but you.  Think about you at home, at work, with others, with partners and wish-they-were partners, in traffic, at the dentist, in bed.
Notice there IS a list…
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