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"Nothing I've tried before has been as profound as the experience I had with you. Seriously. Thank you for something miraculous." --Florida

“I dont know what you did but you bypassed my mind in Group tonight! I’m totally blissed out right now; the depression has lifted… I don’t even know what happened.”New York

"It's weird. It went quiet. You keep frying my brain." --Norway

"It was a breakthrough working with you. Big stories are falling 'down'." -- Denmark

I love all your Tuesday Mind Ticklers... every week they dovetail perfectly with what I'm experiencing.” “Love Judy's Mind Ticklers wisdom, insight and guidance. Always on point. " “wow you dropped some pure gold in the Mind Tickler this week lol.”  “thanks for continuing these weekly write-ups; I immensely enjoy them.”

“i haven’t been hungry in days— the past 3 days i have had to remember to eat. i have been exercising. plus i noticed it didn’t matter what he thinks about my looks. your magic potion is really working— what the freak fk love did you do to me? THANK YOU” —Los Angeles

“you’re doing a very radical inquiry and I LOVED it.” —Dubai

"I have an odd sense of calm. I keep waiting for it to go away, but it keeps lingering. I feel less burdened, less afraid, stronger, and calmer. It's a bit of a miracle." -- England

“you help me all the time, following me around with this little Judy-voice in my head, like I can hear you helping me.”— Maryland

"I can honestly say that you have helped change my life!!" -- Guam

"Our sessions have made such an enormous difference in my life- across all areas. I feel so much peace." --Canada

"I have done Inquiry for years. It never touched this black cloud of depression and anxiety. After two sessions with you I felt a shift and I am feeling lighter, not black. Something has happened. I don't understand it. But it's better. A lot better. I'm overcome with relief and gratitude." --New Mexico

"WOW! I don't even know exactly what you're doing in these sessions. But it's powerful as heck!! Peacefull relief. Whatever it is, thank you for being you and doing it. :) " --California

"I haven't had beer or potato chips in 2 days. Last night I started feeling spaciousness inside, and a desire to be engaged in life. I spontaneously got up from my computer and started doing dishes-something I haven't done unless obligated in over a year! Thank you Judy, you do really amazing work! " --Canada

“judy has helped me so many times i can’t even count. blessed.” —Oregon

“you work from a wider parameter than others do. you have a big box of crayons, and I’m lucky you’re using them all.” —California

“I make major shifts when I work with you.” —Utah

“you’re a gift for whoever gets to work with you.” —Florida

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