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Free Discovery Session
with Judy Cohen

“These sessions have changed my world.” —Denmark

For everyone, life can occasionally be hard, unsettling, dissatisfying, and complicated.

"No thank you" feelings can show up anytime.

You may have prowled through therapy, inquiry, meditation, medication or the enlightenment search.

Yet the sense that there's something not right with you, or that you’re not enough, or that you're missing out on some key piece… may still be hanging in there.

Even though you’ve tried everything.

Could it be it’s time for something different?

Perhaps it's time for a not-therapy, not-inquiry, not-the-usual-ways approach
that just might change things.

For you, Judy offers a free 20-minute session. What is there to lose?
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Judy Cohen's innovative, irreverent non-dual approach might just be the 'something different' you've been wanting.

Find out for free. Explore for 20 minutes. Get your free session.

If you're ready, it could be a life changer. It has been for these folks, and many more:

"You helped me get off meds. No one does what you do." Boston

"that last part blew the top of my head right off!" —Ohio

"I love Judy's work. You know the good thing about her? She teaches you
how to do this stuff yourself. Thank you, Judy." —London

You were a lifeline for me. I thought I was going crazy, didn't think I'd make it out of depression. However you did it, in your own unique way, you were there for me with
what I needed. I wanted to let you know how valuable and stabilizing you've been
in my life.“ —Colorado

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"You make the Tilt-a-Ride that is my mind-space just stop and release."  

"This morning was the first time in fifty-four years that I woke up with ease. I did much that you taught me and it worked. Beyond amazing." —Massachusetts

“You have worked miracles. My anxiety went from 80% to 5%. You’ve helped me more than therapy and everything else put together.” —England

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Judy Cohen

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“I feel so much lighter.”
—New Mexico

"I've had much less drama lately. Triggers don’t stick very long.” —Germany

"You changed the whole game. It's mind-blowing, really." —Washington

“You help me with my heart.”
—British Columbia

“It’s different, what you do.”

“I’ve been more peaceful. It’s weird." —Germany

Your work has helped me tremendously. There’s no words for it. It moves me out of this personna.” —New Jersey