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Irreverent Mind Writings
by Judy Cohen

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Love for the Mind-Tickler

"These writings are bloody brilliant."

"creative and genius and FUN! I love reading the ticklers."

"You are my agitator!! thank you for these newsletters, they invite me to s-t-r-e-t-c-h."

"I look forward to getting these. I love your chatty style."

When you reach me like these Mind Ticklers do, and at NO COST!  my goodness ...I have to say something back. At the very minimum I give you my heartfelt thanks."

"so good!"

"Love these ticklers!!!!  Maybe a book of these with the funny pics is in the works?!?"

"Your last two Mind Ticklers have been over the top. THANK YOU JUDY FOR THIS.  AND FOR HELPING ME ON THIS PATH. The newsletters being free is icing on the cake."

“This one is going in my "save" folder for when I'm on the road, or whatever!!!! Brilliant!”

“This one hit home! made me mad, in the best possible way. I hate to say you’re right. Wow. It changes everything so Thank you.”

"Somehow these
Tuesday Ticklers tickle the spot for me and give me exactly what I need to see that week. I look forward to them."

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