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Online Classes with Judy Cohen

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Live What You Know:
The Series
Integrate spiritual learning, inquiry & personal work with everyday life

It's hard to remember what you know. It's hard to care a whit about consciousness or awakening or whether the self does or does not exist, when something painful is going on.

Therapy, study and spiritual learning is only helpful if it translates to everyday life. And yet, life continues to present what seems to be less-than-ideal situations, so that somehow…

We can often feel "caught up" in circumstances and forget, or not know how, to live what we've learned.

Live What You Know classes help integrate all that hard-earned understanding with the day to day. Because thankfully it is possible to jive your spiritual understandings with daily life.

That integration enables the same circumstances to feel quite different, often better. You may be able to enjoy a more satisfying life experience no matter what challenges come your way.

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