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3-hour Online Class
UnDoing Shame & Guilt
plus a private session with Judy Cohen

Contact Judy for info about the next class

“I’m so ashamed. It is not right, not acceptable, not OK.
It’s my fault. I am a terrible person.”

It seems you messed up.

You’ve done things you shouldn’t have. You didn’t do things you should.

People are horrified, or they would be if they knew.

It’s clear there’s something wrong and that you’re not the person you should be.

You keep replaying it over and over. If only you could go back in time.

But you can’t, and it seems like you’re doomed to carry the shame and guilt forever.

Add in the fear of being found out, the secrecy, the careful managing of so many situations, and it’s a recipe for a small, dark restricted and unhappy life.

Could it be there’s another way?

Maybe it’s time to stop hiding and running and instead, turn and look squarely at these painful feelings.

The new online class “Undoing Shame & Guilt with Judy Cohen” provides a completely fresh perspective on shame and guilt.

It offers a non-dual approach that can alter certainty about what happened, what should have happened, and what it all means about you.

Right, wrong, your “badness” and your responsibility will be looked at head on.

You’ll discover an opportunity to poke your head out of the shadows at last, as we undo faulty thinking and clear a path out.

New ways to connect with emotional peace, regardless what happened in the past or what you think about yourself, will be revealed.

Your specific personal situation will be directly targeted in one included private session.

And who knows? You just might find that all that certainty about what is wrong with you, all that self-hate and self-blame- well, maybe it can begin to relax and give you a break.

“What you’re doing is radical. It worked for me thank god.”

Included- One 3-hour Group Class Meeting covering:

  • I should have / I shouldn’t have. My fault
  • Blaming myself. Hating myself
  • Hiding and secrecy
  • Other people’s disapproval
  • My wrongness. My badness.
  • Punishment. What I deserve
  • Aching from the past
  • Permanence: This will never change

Contact Judy for info about the next class

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received 48 hours in advance of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
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