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Enlightenment 1

Enlightenment 1

You want enlightenment, dammit.
You’ve read the books, heard the stories, seen the ones who seem to have something you don’t have.
They have it. They got there. They tell their story and how they did it and how you can maybe too if only you do xyz.
But you? Not so much. Or maybe you got there and then lost it and now you’re all about getting it back.
It’s so painful thinking others have something denied to you, isn’t it?
Maybe you’ve gotten tantalizingly close to what Eckhart described, or Nisargadatta or Ramana or someone on Facebook.
And then… Nope! Not for you today honey. Come back and try again tomorrow.
So we could talk about what all that trying does for one’s life- whether it enhances or diminishes.
And we could talk about what enlightenment even is and if it exists or is even possible and if so, whether one needs to hunt it down and trap it like a wild animal.  
Yes we could go there and in some upcoming Mind-Tickler we definitely will.
Because the assumption that there’s something to get that they don’t already have drives a lot of folks crazy with longing.
And for now…have you ever noticed all the variability in those many awakening stories? How so many people describe different experiences?
So many flavors!
Some say they experience bliss non-stop; they’re peaceful, content, reacting never, smiling always. Some say it’s a Shift that took them from place A to place B never to return again. Some say they were so present that they became one with the flowers and trees and lost the sense of where they end and the park bench begins. Some say through the embodiment of feelings they have transcended ego and humanness and self.
So many versions. So much certainty.
What’s up with that?
Shouldn’t there be one answer, one truth, one version?
Otherwise, how do you know what’s real enlightenment and what isn’t?   :)
And in the interests of defending their one true version, have you noticed how many insist that all others are just wrong deluded stupidity?
Are they lying? Intentionally trying to deceive?
Well ok yeah, maybe some are. And some, maybe not.
It does seem that many truly believe that what happened for them was a significant event that should happen for everyone.
Which would make them believers.

And confused.
Because just like everything else on this planet- ideas, colors, flower petal shapes, voices -

Experiences vary infinitely.
Maybe no experience repeats.

Maybe enlightenment doesn’t follow rules.
Maybe there are as many different versions of awakening as there are snowflakes.
So one person might share his experience fervently, as if it is the only possibility, and not see that having his experience duplicated millions of times by millions of people is not how things work on this planet.
He might try to teach others to replicate his experience. He might band together with others who have selected his version as THE version.
But try to replicate and copy a snowflake and teach it to be your version of snowflake instead of its own.
Yeah, not gonna happen.
Replicating can’t be done. Nature doesn’t produce duplicates.
You can try on some other snowflake’s experience. You can recite that snowflake’s lines.
But your version, your own experience?  Only you can live that, provide that.
Individual snowflake you.
So if awakening is even possible, then it’s awakening Your Way.

Maybe it shows up and vanishes. Maybe it lasts forever. Maybe the world shifts. Maybe you feel lots of love and bliss. Maybe it’s experienced in bits and pieces a little here or there. Maybe it comes for a day, a week, 3 months.
You may come to see that there are countless versions of spirituality, countless versions of experiencing "The Truth."
You may find you no longer think there is A Truth, no right answer, no ‘only way’, no “True self" to awaken.
You may no longer look to teachers or others to help determine your own experience.
And you may discover, in no longer looking to others to show you the way, that you’ve already found your way.
Yes, already.
It’s the only way.
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