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Do NOT have fun with this

Do NOT have fun with this

It’s all so stinkin' serious…this enlightenment business.
Isn’t it?
It’s important, earnest, deep, necessary.

It matters.
This spiritual awakening stuff is vewy vewy serious.
In fact, the notion of enlightenment inspires arguments and lectures and finger-waggings and lots of know-it-all arrogance.
Some insist it takes discipline, study, meditation, satsangs, retreats, maybe even orange uniforms and shaved heads.
Y’know, kinda like the military-
Organized groups doing only the right things, trying hard to think only the right thoughts.
Yes, very free, that. 
Or maybe we believe that it takes a lightening strike for no reason, while we’re sitting on a park bench or hanging in a cave or sleeping with the roaches.
But no matter what the favorite teacher or flavor of the moment or branded point of view…
The search for enlightenment inspires vast numbers of people to wonder...

What’s wrong with them.
I mean, even lightening doesn’t find them attractive enough to strike them down, and they never get that blissed-out-never-leaves-for-ever-and-ever state of mind.

There may be disagreement over particulars, but this much is clear.

There’s a right way.

There’s a right way to live, a right way to think, a right way to feel...

A right thing to get. A right way to get it.

And all those people chasing enlightenment? They’re not doin’ it right.

Doesn’t that sound like business as usual?
Doesn’t it seem odd that that life inside the chase-enlightenment box is just as is disappointing, punishing, lacking and inadequate as the everyday life outside the chase-enlightenment box?
Where’s the lighten-ment?
Where’s the en-light-ening?
Seriously, what’s the good of enlightenment if it doesn’t… lighten?
Maybe in all the focus on what is missing and what needs to be done, we’ve failed to notice something.
Something right here.
Maybe we haven’t noticed…. what we’re focusing on.

Almost all the time, our focus is on what isn't right and what we haven't got.

So instead, maybe we could focus for a while… on focusing itself.
Because then we might just discover that experience is simply thought.
And that what we focus on, where we put attention, actually creates experience.
Which means it might make sense to attend to something other than what’s not here, what needs improving, what’s not enough.
Because that different focus alone just might change our entire experience in the world.
I mean, no thought is more true, or more real, or matters more than any other.
One thought is as good as any other.
They’re all a bunch of nothing.
No matter what they’re “about.”
And since clearly, focus on what’s lacking and inadequacy and future punishing consequences for that lack, hurts like hell…
Really then, why not focus on different thoughts?
Why not notice what is here, what is happening now, the good here now, the safety here now, the fun here now, the peace here now.
Instead of focusing on what isn’t.
Why not?
It could just be that we might have (gasp) fun.
We might find that life is really lighter, safer, more sufficient and far more complete than thought has permitted us to even consider.
As is.
As in…

Maybe enlightenment is here.
Ah, if only we could notice.

Wouldn't that be fun?

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