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A little tale of blah blah blah

A little tale of blah blah blah

Once upon a time we were tiny babies.
And we were smiling little things.
Happy little experiencers.
Kinda like puppies.
Diaper full? cry. Belly full? smile. Fingers wiggling? coo.
No evaluation. No analysis. No judgment.
Just life-ing.
And then language got ahold of us.
And it stole happy right out from under us.
Because by age 2, we were a name, we were a good girl or boy, we were nice or sweet or smart or selfish or lazy.
And that was a shoe, this was a ball, that was a sister.
Things were identified.
We were identified.
By words.
And of course we didn’t notice, because who does really,
That we had begun removing ourselves from existence,
In order to label and evaluate it.
Because words are symbols for things, not things themselves.
So they essentially separate us from experience.
Language describes existence, instead of simply the living of it.
And so, with a full vocabulary in our pockets, we were talking about things, thinking about things,
Deciding if this was good or bad, right or wrong.
As if we were a step removed from presence, from the simple experience of living,
And we, instead…
Observed, monitored and judged,
Identified and labeled life...
Via language.
And with that full bag of words at our disposal, came…
Oh boy!
Fun, huh?
Well OK yeah, maybe that’s not quite the word we'd use for thinking.
Though without words, thoughts are not possible.
Which is why it’s perhaps not coincidental that some people have described awakening as a “wordless” experience.
Perhaps language and the meaning it comes with, and its symbolism and self-consciousness, is what has made mankind…
Batsh*t crazy.
Now I’m not saying things would be better without words,
Because words are the building blocks of what we in this dream world call a “functioning person.”
I’m just asking what might we be left with, and what would life be like, if we were incapable of language?
Maybe just an experience of sitting somewhere, like in the sun maybe.
Though not even that, when there’s no word for sitting or sun or experience.
Perhaps we can start to sense how..



Things might become...
Without describers of any kind.
How there’d suddenly be no Me, no ego, no person.
I mean, there can’t be self-watching and navel-gazing without language.
No words, no self.
No sun, no body, no preferences, no shoelaces either.
No anything.

People pay a whole lot of money to spiritual teachers and retreats trying to get that experience of words going silent.
And when we consider how often we label our experiences as problems or painful, well…
Wordless starts looking pretty good.
Though again, I’m not saying we should drop language.
Because first of all, that’s not even possible.
And second, even if it somehow was possible, we’d still need to know our names and sign checks and read important things like the Mind Tickler and all. 
I’m just saying, perhaps we can at least notice where all trouble, sense of self, pain, unhappiness and lack of presence (more words) comes from.
Because once we do start to catch on,
And once we do start having some fun watching how language forms every single bit of our reality,
Things kind of go…

-  -  -  -
-  -  -  -

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