Transformation. Everybody wants it.

Different life circumstances, different thoughts, better feelings, a little enlightenment.

We all want something else.

Even when things are good we want something better, or more, or new.

And certainly there’s no shortage of folks to help us score any of that. Advice is plentiful for getting healthy, making money, shifting stressful thoughts, finding happiness, seeing through the self, creating “boundaries,” finding safety, feeling more peaceful.

You name it, there’s a bunch of gurus and methods ready to fix it. Transformation is an industry so enormous it’s mind-boggling.

Even though it makes no sense.

Because all over the globe, billions of us are focusing intently on the big head up front and disregarding the little man behind the curtain.

How else to explain our not noticing that feelings, thoughts and situations already transform, every single second, without our intervention, inquiry, understanding, or effort?

Sooooo many hours and monies spent trying to effect “changes” that happen on their own, anyway.

Besides, what is this shift we’re so intent on?

I mean, change from what, and to what?

Could it be that all this devotion to improvement is just a general sense of dissatisfaction with the self story?

Because dissatisfaction certainly works that way, to keep focus on the illusory self. After all, if this Me thing is inadequate and in need of repair, then thought has plenty to keep it going.

Problem solving can always be counted on to give thought something to think about.

Otherwise, what is so all-fired important about transformation?

Truly, what for?

Not to mention, what real thing desires all this shifting in the first place? Certainly the universe, consciousness, energy or true nature, whatever that even is, doesn’t need any human to learn or grow or change.

So here’s a startling thought:

Maybe this constant rejection of what is, what we have, what we are, isn’t required.

Maybe however much health or money or approval we already have is enough. Maybe the personality that's here, with its kooky flaws and weird moods, is good enough. Maybe the sadnesses, anxieties, angers and other feelings we experience are actually welcomed by existence and don’t need to be fixed.

In fact maybe it’s always been OK, and we’ve always been OK, as is, all along.

Even though thought has said otherwise for thousands of years.

If this could be seen, what would be left to do then but simply be…



That’s different.

Now of course there’s nothing wrong with constantly trying and hoping for transformation. Billions of us have done just that, so it’s pretty clear that existence has said, “Yes” to that too.

It’s just that it’s an unending game. And it hurts.

So luckily transformation is not a requirement.

We might come to know and understand this.

Or not.

It doesn’t matter. Knowing it changes nothing, either way.

Still, we don’t have to try so hard.

What a relief.

Radical, even.

A helluva transformation.

One that might just... change everything.

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