These can feel like such hard political times, what with AK 17s murdering people who are minding their own business and babies in cages and poison in food and animals butchered for sport.

Nazis, libtards, deplorables. Oh my.

Which is why, when people are deep in their indignation, and then they get comments such as...

“The ‘ME' is a dream in an illusory world. There is no Self. The world is within, there is no outer. The answer is love. We’re all one. It’s all good...”

Well, such supposedly-helpful comments can be pretty much infuriating.

All that certainty. All that mystifying woo. Right in the face of all those tears.

Excuse me, my lovelies. But shut up. Stop with all that non-dual spewing.  

Because for most folks on this planet, life is not a “dream.”  For them, this is what’s simply known as “the real world.”

And real-world-believing humans are pissed. Terrified. They have seen the drawn sides. They have chosen one.

They're not about to start loving up the other side with compassion and understanding.

I mean, let’s face it. Whichever team is chosen, right or wrong, one point of view or the other… this life thing is hard. Being human is hard. This apparent world with all its apparent other humans is hard.

Experience may be experiencing itself but it’s still a hard experience for these individual experiences.

And then, even if someone somehow does come to see that it’s a dream, what are they supposed to do at that point, ignore the illusion? Deny it? Meditate it away?

What for?

I mean, one might almost think some spiritual folks are afraid of the dream, the way they keep pushing for everyone to see that it’s not real.

Now of course, The Mind-Tickler could join right in and make a very good case for, “Dudes, this is an illusion, so chill.”  Which we've done many times, and brilliantly too (insert demure eyelash batting here.)

It’s just that when so many are in the middle of a good despair or outrage or troubling situation, that kind of input is not helpful.

I mean, unless you’re a fan of kerosene.

Because make-believe or not, this is where humans spend the bulk of our time- here in the very real-seeming illusion, reacting and functioning and crying and hurting and laughing.

Pretending that’s not so is also make-believe.

So how to deal with this painful human business?

Well maybe it’s possible to just experience the fantasy, in all its intense richness, and also see it for what it is.

Maybe there’s a place for both the tribulations of self, and also the awareness of non-self.

Maybe it’s not one or the other. Maybe it’s and also.

Strident political action and also video-gaming non-action. Fear and fury and also safety that is literally always present. Pain and also ignored-but-there-anyway non-pain.

In the dream and also woke to the dream.

Both. Simultaneously.

Because admitted or not, even when we’re “awake”, the dream still goes on.

We live, we think, we function, we shake an outraged fist to the sky.

Each an individual, unique, and with a point of view we’re (every single one of us) absolutely certain is The Right One.

And also…

Absolutely none of that.


It’s all good.

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