"Do you want to know my secret? This is my secret. I don't mind what happens."--J. Krishnamurti----

My friend is very stressed about all the things happening in the world. Upsetting things, not-okay things, chaotic political drama sickness money-fears things.

She’s not sleeping, not getting things done, she feels bad.

What she wants is to not be afraid. What she wants is to stay calm.

No matter what.

She wants to not mind what happens, ala Krishnamurti. (see famous quote above)

But let’s face it, in general, humans are not fans of terror, depression, shame and guilt.

In general, we do mind what happens.

And when any of that is here so intensely, as it has been lately for so many, the spacey, supposedly-always bliss of enlightened consciousness can start to sound pretty darned good.

Surely enlightenment can step up and provide at least a little calm happy bliss?  

If not, what good is it?

I mean, when a guy with a sledge hammer on a 6 inch pole and a Trump flag is coming right for us at a high speed, is a little not-minding-calm too much to ask?

These would be perfect times to not let outside circumstances dictate our internal experience.

Though this “outside circumstances” business does get a little confusing.

Because y'know, “outside” of what?

Outside of the real world, whatever that is? Outside the dream world, which also, um, what?

Are we aiming for calm at all times in the dream, or the real?

Besides, which is which?

Will the real world please stand up?

Lucky for us, thanks to Rupert’s constant reminders, we’re clear we’re the screen and not the movie on it. But still, when the movie involves us no longer breathing, isn’t that the real world that’s slipping away? Isn't that kind of a drag?

In which world are we supposed to not mind what happens?

So maybe, as an alternative, the self could be afraid and react appropriately to difficult situations without being a robot, and also see the dream of that non-self. Maybe that would be good enough. And maybe we could experience that as peace.

Good news! That actually is the case for all of us.

Don't believe me? No need to take my word for that may-seem-ridiculous statement. No need to take the (many) words of all those teachers who promise ongoing at-all-times calm, either.

Because anyone can take 30 seconds anytime (assuming we even care,) to find this for themselves,

by locating that “part” of us that knows it’s OK.  ("Part" is not an accurate word but it'll do for now.)

Take a few moments to look, and surprise! There it is. Surprise, it is not upset or afraid or ashamed. Surprise, it 100% knows we’re OK.

Oh my gosh. There's a “part” of us which already doesn’t mind what happens. That calm-at-all-times thing so many of us want, is already happening.

Even though we may be trembling, or heavy, or shaking a fist and saying, “No way!”

There it is.

Turns out, “not minding what happens” may not mean staying stupid-calm at all times in the face of extreme experiences.

Turns out it may just mean noticing the Us that is OK even right smack in the middle of the character’s great dramas.

Perhaps that's what teachers mean when they claim they never get angry, even though to observing mere mortals, they sure do look ticked off.

Perhaps that calm, ok “part” is even what those teachers consider, “themselves.”

And since just like them, we too experience both-

the not ok and the ok, the stressed and the peaceful-

Well, that makes us all just like Krishnamurti and those others.

Yep. Us. Same as Krishnamurti.

I know, I know; this is blasphemy.

But still, true. Regardless of whether we know it, have known it, continue to know it, or admit it.

Which means all the effort that's been put into figuring out enlightenment has been a charming but unnecessary struggle to gain...

what is already present.

Even better for us, this separate self -

the one that suffers and wishes things were different and feels like something isn't right-  

this separate self is actually the only way anyone can experience anything here in being-alive-human world.

Our reactions and preferences and "minding" are included in the pageantry. And, minding-what-happens is part of that.

So what a relief that we don't have to stop minding what happens.

In the dream, or woke to the dream, or witnessing the dream...

We need both minding and not-minding. And we have both.

We lucky, wide-eyed, outraged, terrified humans watching the news with all kinds of feelings,

We get

to have it


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"You will never be satisfied until you find out that you are what you are seeking. If you want knowledge as an individual, you will not get it here."


"What we're looking for is already this. But it is seen by no one. It's possible that something will be seen. But it won't be 'you' that sees it; it will just be seen."
--Tony Parsons


"“Listen: this world is the lunatic's sphere,
Don't always agree it's real,
Even with my feet upon it
And the postman knowing my door
My address is somewhere else.”