"There is no self. There is ONLY self. We are awareness. We are objects within awareness. I am that. I am nothing. There is true nature. I’m in relationship with consciousness."

And of course my personal favorite: “Become aware of awareness.”

Sure. Let’s make the thing that is aware of the thing be aware of being aware of the thing.


This is what happens when we turn to the mind to figure things out.

Even though... you can see we’re never going to truly know the answers to any of that, right?

Because even when we have absolute certainty that we’ve experienced Truth and know the answers… have we got the answers?

The mind can only see and understand so much. It is limited by its own capabilities.

Which is why it can’t understand itself. It isn’t big enough for that job.

This is a key flaw in all those inquiries, enlightenment methods, attempts to “see beyond” the self, to self improve.

I mean, we don’t even know what the self is, let alone how to improve it.

It’s just not possible to know what’s bigger than ourselves. So any claims of understanding are self-serving. In every sense of that very apt expression.

And no matter how much we may insist, posture and strut about it, when we think we know something... we’re being played the fool by thought.

Because the mind only pretends to understand. While not the least bit interested in understanding.

After all, what would happen if thinking was able to truly see how nothing, insignificant, limited and unimportant it really is?

Yeah, no way thought’s going to be good with that.

So the only reasonable state is, “I don't know.”

Because honey, we don’t.

No matter how articulately anyone expounds their point of view, it remains an opinion.

So all the blah blah blah about consciousness and “I am”?

That’s masturbatory nonsense. Just mind playing with itself.

And yes it may be comforting to think we understand consciousness. But really we're never truly going to be able to do anything but guess. Even though mind loudly insists it knows something.

Nothing wrong with any of this, of course.

It’s fine to play with our selves. Nothing wrong with a little self manipulation.

It's just that we’ll wait forever for that happy ending.

Silly, unsatisfied little things.

Aren’t we adorable?

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