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A new blow-the-mind series from Judy Cohen

Lighten in Place
finding relief & clarity while sheltering at home

4 online workshops
• Seeing Thru Pandemic Anxiety & Depression
• Productivity, Procrastination & Motivation
• Overcome Pandemic Overindulging
• Peopling - Too many! Not any!

Attend all or just some
Early registration discounts

"Whatever you’re given can wake you up or put you to sleep."
–Pema Chödrön

Health, parenting, money, loneliness, addictions, the loss of old activities…

If only we could make it all better by baking bread and eating it all in one sitting on the couch.

This isn't how our lives were supposed to go- suddenly so full of uncertainty, unpredictability, fear.

Usual functioning strategies no longer apply.

So we
monitor our productivity, and watch for signs of mental unhealth.

Which increases, rather than decreases, our stress, action paralysis, and unease.

So what to do?

Well, you could come play in a new mind-lightening workshop series from Judy Cohen, offering surprising ways to help ride this time out with more relief, more ease, less anxiety, and a rediscovered sense of…


Wouldn't that be nice.

There will be no "You can do it!" cheerleading, no positive affirmations, no forcing you to behave or believe.

There will be very different ideas and a point of view you'll definitely not encounter anywhere else.

Take the workshops ala carte or do the full series.

Either way, there will be fun, and some immediate relief. You'll feel lighter.

Who knows, you might even find options you can rely on for the rest of your life.

Virus or no virus.

The Lighten in Place Workshop Series

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Seeing Thru Pandemic Anxiety & Depression
May 31, 2020 • Noon - 2pm eastern
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Because heavy. Because scary. Because DUH
Productivity, Procrastination & Motivation
June 14, 2020 • 11:00AM - 1pm eastern
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For all the fitness-improving, closet-cleaning, curriculum-planning, or book-writing that's not getting done. And because there's only just so much couch surfing a person can take.
Overcoming Pandemic Overindulging
June 28, 2020 • Noon - 2pm eastern
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It's been too much. Too much food, wine, shopping, social media, video games. New ideas on overindulging, and the desire for "treats" in this pandemic-time.
Peopling- Too Many! Not Any!
July 12, 2020 • Noon - 2pm eastern
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Whether it's parenting, family irritations, getting no alone time, getting
only alone time, missing others, hating isolation, or loving isolation, discover new ways to experience people, or the lack there-of.


Take the Whole Series
Earlybird Discount for 4 workshops
(thru May 28, 2020): $260 ($65 ea)

4 workshops after May 28: $340 ($85 ea)

Take Ala Carte Workshops
• Pandemic Anxiety & Depression
• Productivity, Procrastination, Motivation
• Overcome Pandemic Overindulging
• Peopling- Too Many! Not Any!
Please specify which class(es) you're taking in the registration message box

Ala Carte before May 28: $70 each

Ala Carte after May 28: $85 each

Only Audio 1-class recording: $65 ea

Only Audio 4-classes: $260

Take any class privately: $250 ea.

Donate to help someone else take a workshop and get support:
(enter any amount between $65 - $340. Thank you for your kindness)

1 class recording
4-Class Series Recordings
If finances are the only obstacle to attending, write Judy and we'll work it out.

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