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Small Groups with Judy

A unique, powerful and effective alternative to traditional inquiry

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"Wow these groups are powerful." —M, Ireland
This is a place where heads come loose.*

If you're anything like most folks who contact Judy Cohen, you've tried various forms of inquiry, therapy, meditation and mindfulness and found you're still hurting, still caught in thought, and still not experiencing the freedom you've been hoping for.

Maybe that's because we can't use thought to solve situations thought created in the first place. Despite what it says, mind is not interested in helping anyone get free of itself.

Which is why what Judy Cohen does is so different.

Deliberately tricking the mind with its own game, Judy subtly and intentionally stuns it into a quieter, less-stressed experience of life.

In her Small Groups, Judy provides a guided space for thought to detangle, relax its grip and quickly, almost imperceptibly, allow a whole new way of experiencing to emerge.

Group participants often say, "Wait, what just happened?" as their depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and sense of being broken drift away and go poof, of their own accord.

“I love this group because I don’t even have to do anything and
it infiltrates in a very subversive way.”

Life starts to feel better. More enjoyable. And for most, that is welcome relief and a very good thing.

Subtly, almost imperceptibly, Judy Cohen helps interrupt, befuddle and detangle mind.

In her Small Groups, ego/self/mind is slyly kept preoccupied while at the same time, virtually unnoticed…

a whole new way of experiencing begins to emerge.

Judy has a large bag of tools. Participants often don't even quite know what happened … as depression, anxiety and malaise drift away on their own.
Turns out it can be easy, fun, fascinating, to finally see through situations, others, and yourself…

to watch addiction to the Story of You lose its power and grip on everything you do and feel…

and to stop being fooled by what things
seem like or feel like and
start seeing clearly what

"Working with you helped me be clear, or less anxious, less tired, that
never happened after 16 years doing (an inquiry method).

In Small Group with Judy you get ongoing clarity and support to transcend issues and situations of the dream.

And as a result, Dream-you gets to feel better, think clearer, see truer.

"I'm feeling at home with myself in a way I have never felt, ever."

Small groups with Judy are intimate, safe, personal, targeted, and bring lots of experiential “getting it.” But they're not for everyone. There are some requirements for participation. To discuss whether you're eligible, contact Judy.

“Whoa… my mind stopped. I have no words.”  

Consistency and Repetition
You want immediate relief, of course. Who wouldn't? Naturally you're hoping you can get it in one shot and that's that.

Relief during group time does indeed happen, and often.

Afterwards though, when that group session is over, unsurprisingly… mind's little gremlins may wake up and start poking again.

So Judy's Small Groups are designed to support you with repetition, reminders, consistency. That enables the gremlins to eventually relax their grip for good.

Which is why there are these Group requirements:
• Twice a month meetings.
• Three month required minimum commitment.
(6 meetings)
• 30-day notice if leaving the group after 3 months.

After 3 months, it’s a month to month membership.

Once you’re accepted in, the fee will not increase for you for the duration of your membership, even though new people entering the group later may pay more.

If you can’t attend a particular meeting for any reason, you can receive a recording. Or if feasible, you might be able to attend a different group for that one session.

❤️ Click here to check availability, cost and your eligibility. ❤️

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Space is held for you and others are turned away, so there are no refunds or cancellations.

* a Jed McKenna quote