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You Be You-I Will Be Me

You Be You-I Will Be Me

Recently I read a Facebook post by a Spiritual Teacher, saying wise stuff about consciousness and common sense and how we are obviously a Self and that clearly awakening is about yada yada yada.
Further on down the page was another post by a vocal other Sage posting about Shifts and no one there and how they’ve got it and you don’t and there’s nothing you can do and xyz.
And then there was the currently-popular expounding about sitting with feelings and bypassing and pain stored in the body like it’s a closet of some kind.
Going one more post down, it was now all about not reacting, not getting all feelinged-up no matter what the situation.
Bliss, love, compassion, big-self, little-self, no-self, witnessing, feeling, inquiring, not believing, not desiring, not reacting, loving what is.
Of course you've noticed how many contradictory versions of awakening there appear to be. 
All those different teachers saying all those different things with different stories and different descriptions of their Enlightenment.    
WTH? I mean, shouldn’t there be just one answer? One experience that indicates, “Yes! You did it! You got there!"  Shouldn’t there be a right way?
And boy they’re insistent.  So much rightness, so much certainty. So much arguing and mocking any disagreeing certainty.
So are they lying?  All of them? Well, except for the only one who’s right of course. Whichever one that is. But all those others, are they lying? How can so many contradictory stories not be lying, or at the least, wrong?
How is it possible they’ve all had such very different, contradictory, awakening experiences, and yet are describing Truth?
Although, that does sounds suspiciously like a point of view, and if a point of view is involved, that involves thought. And a person to think. So they can’t even really be enlightened at all, right?  Can they?
Well, humans do like agreement. A lot. We like consistency and sameness. We categorize by alike, and group everything by its agreement to a point of view or perspective. And perspective is variable and depends on factors, which means its not Truth; it’s just a viewpoint.
And then we like to corroborate.  So we get busy loudly rejecting not-alike and arguing ferociously for alike.
But the fact is, regardless of human likings and inclinations…
Nature doesn’t do duplicates. Nature doesn’t do repeats.  Even the most seemingly-identical twins have differences.
No two experiences are the same. That’s how it works in this existence.

Which means once an experience has happened, it will never be repeated identically that way ever again. The key for that slot has been used. Every experience is One of a Kind.
Y’know, no foot in the same stream, etc etc etc.
So given that that is the case with everything in this universe, why wouldn’t it also be true of awakening?

Which means... all those teachers and their versions of enlightenment and method and telling their point of view so you can Get It their way? 

They can all be right.
They are stating their one version.
Though of course that also means their answers do absolutely no good for anyone else. Because that answer is taken. That experience has been done already, and it’s not repeating or coming back around again.
So though you may very, very much want to know the How, as in, “How did you do it, Wise Teacher, and how can I duplicate your experience?”…

Maybe, “What should I do?” is the wrong question.
And though maybe sometimes it can help to have a guide to suggest some questions, or to help you focus on your version of actual experience vs thought…
And though maybe there’s really nothing wrong with exploring other people's questions…
Still, the answers themselves? The descriptions of what you’re aiming for?...
They’re on you.  Any answers can only be your one-of-a-kind version. No one can tell you how to find them, what to do, or describe what your experience is supposed to look like.
Because other peoples’ experiences have already been taken.  Those teachers' answers are useless to you.
What this also means though, is that when you do find your answer, it will not be The answer Because there is no right enlightenment; there is no Only-One answer. 
Yours will also be a point of view, just like Mr. or Ms. Wise-Teacher’s. Because that’s all anyone can ever be - a thought, an experience, a perspective and a point of view.
So you get to do your own version of awakening.  And who is there to say it isn’t The One Answer?  Nobody.
Oh yes, you do you, Boo. 

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